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Taurus & Scorpio Compatibility: What To Know About This Zodiac Duo

With a view to perceive the dynamic between Taurus and Scorpio, let’s first check out what these two indicators are all about individually.

Taurus, for one factor, is a hard and fast earth signal dominated by Venus, the planet of magnificence and pleasure. It is symbolized by the bull—a becoming illustration of Taurus’ cussed however reliable nature. This signal can be recognized to be very invested in sensory, earthly pleasures, in addition to issues like cash and safety.

Scorpio, then again, is a water signal dominated by Pluto in fashionable astrology (the planet of transformation and rebirth) or Mars in historical astrology (the planet of motion and aggression). It’s a fastened signal, like Taurus, and is represented by the scorpion, impressed by Greek lore {that a} scorpion stung and killed Orion. Scorpios have a status for being mysterious, deep, and barely (or not-so-slightly) intimidating.

Curiously, Taurus and Scorpio sit reverse one another on the zodiac wheel. An “opposition” is one instance of an “side” or angle fashioned in astrology, and whereas it isn’t the simplest side to cope with, it may be very rewarding when two individuals can embrace one another’s variations and discover stability.

These two indicators’ respective components of earth and water additionally make for a soothing and therapeutic combo. In the identical method clay or mud will be rejuvenating, when an earth and water signal come collectively, they will create a relationship with numerous consolation, depth, and grounding.

Earlier than we get into extra about this duo’s compatibility, it is essential to keep in mind that assessing true astrological compatibility (aka “synastry”) requires each individuals’s complete delivery chart under consideration, not simply their solar signal. That mentioned, this is extra on how these two indicators fare in love and friendship, plus how they’re comparable and totally different.



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